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picture of activist group preparing a big red balloon for aerial surveillance of environmental problems.

This photo from the Huffington Post shows an activist group on a mission to get the public involved in monitoring potential environmental hazards with the help of big red balloons. Then, the public can move forward to influence positive changes in those environmental problems. 


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to see this linked article in the Huffington Post of March 24, 2015 by  focused on balloons as instruments of positive environmental change.

Organizers take to the Gowanus Canal, red balloon connected to a camera in hand, to create aerial imagery of the notorious waterway.

Organizers take to the Gowanus Canal, red balloon connected to a camera in hand, to create aerial imagery of the notorious waterway.

Activist groups and local community members send up balloons with cameras attached that record conditions below. Specialized software maps and tracks changes on the ground or water below.

The community uses the evidence they gather to influence positive changes.

Erbentraugives special credit to activist Shannon Dosemagen for helping to start the world-wide spread of this balloon approach to citizen monitoring of the environment. Dosenmagn helped organize the citizen trainings in New Orleans’ City Park after BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in April 2010. The balloon approach seems to have spread from there.

What are some of the more unusual, positive, public uses of balloons that you have seen or seen reported?

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