May 06

BUGS BUNNY MadeWithBalloons™

Bugs Bunny MadeWithBalloons™

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By Graham Rouse

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Nao Osaka’s bugs bunny tells a story.

With just a glance I can imagine Bugs’s delight at his theft of his favorite carrot treat from Elmer Fudd’s garden.

Bugs casually leans back with his arm propping up his head and his legs crossed in relaxed demeanor. He proudly shows off his big teeth, big smile and even bigger ears.

He holds up his trophy carrot as if it were a glass of champagne offered in a toast to his victory or maybe a toast to Elmer Fudd for growing such a fine carrot for Bugs’s afternoon snack.

Well, here is my toast to you, Nao and my thanks for such a treat to my day and that of so many others.


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