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Feb 23

MAIDENS and MONSTERS MadeWithBalloons™

   . WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW The fashion runway is filled with maidens and monsters dressed in costumes #MadeWithBalloons™ in this video from Mark Byrne. The video is longer than most that you see posted on Facebook, but it is a delightful performance of well known characters dancing and parading to music from their pasts. …

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Jan 30


Nani Ponani the Valentine Stripper

HERE IS A LITTLE VALENTINE STRIPTEASE #MadeWithBalloons™ I rate it between “PG-14” and “R”. It is certainly not great balloon art, but it does fall within our spectrum of  “All things MadeWithBalloons” and I expect many will enjoy the show while some may be offended. So, select the Play button on the video at your …

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Feb 21

SO CUTE & MadeWithBalloons™

  Ufimochki Oranzhevoe Nastroenie.   JUST SO CUTE  —  And, I love the well coordinated and well executed assortment of techniques used by Ufimochki Oranzhevoe Nastroenie to build this adorable young lady. The cone dress appears simple, but it is constructed with such precision that you know it required skill and not luck to get these …

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Apr 03


"Thank You!" balloon graphics illustration by Graham Rouse

THANKS FOR “YOUR CREATIONS MadeWithBalloons™”  (See Also: “POSTSCRIPT: HERE IS HOW” at the end of this article) ———— ROUSEings™ ———— by Graham Rouse “YOUR CREATIONS MadeWithBalloons™” have touched, enriched and stimulated the lives of many others. YOU WARM WINTER’S CHILL We have all felt winter’s chill. December holidays have passed. The New Year has come …

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Mar 15


"ROUSEings" logo-icon

“ORANGE  BLOSSOM  JEWELRY” MadeWithBalloons™ ———— ROUSEings™ ———— by Graham Rouse . Last year I discovered a picture of an orange balloon dress made by  Anna Nikitina.  I liked the sculptured form and sensuous texture from the weave pattern. I kept having visions of it without the background clutter, so I did a rendering of my own derived from that …

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