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Jun 26


Picture from the Dance Of The Balloon Fairy video

  DANCE OF THE BALLOON FAIRY  . I spent a good portion of my balloon life in earlier years entertaining with balloons that I twisted and stories that I told. It was a great experience for me and for the audience. However, I never did such elaborate lighting and choreography as we see here. For …

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Apr 27

DAISY QUILT – 15 Years Of Getting Better

Illustration of Rouse Patented "STRONG" technique for loading balloons into balloon grid frames

  —  ROUSEings — By Graham Rouse You can still make this same design with Rouse Matrix™ Banners today as we did in these pictures from about 15 years ago. But, now we know how to make it Easier, Faster, Stronger and do it all out of framing material that is Thinner, Lighter  Translucent. (RE-A-L™) Rouse …

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Aug 20

“RIBS” FOR SCULPTURE MadeWithBalloons™ — How It Began


 “RIBS” FOR SCULPTURE MadeWithBalloons™ How It Began ——————– ROUSEings™ ——————– by Graham Rouse . The Very Beginning “RIBS” for balloon sculpture began with “Fantasy Flowers”.  Balloon Fantasy Flowers are among the most popular variations of this inside-out approach. This approach can be traced back to at least the spring of 1983 in Raleigh, North Carolina in …

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Apr 27


"Cheerful Cherry Chum" MadeWithBalloons™ from the "Rainbow Collection" of Graham Rouse

” CHEERFUL CHERRY CHUM “ MadeWithBalloons™ ——————– ROUSEings™ ——————– by Graham Rouse . “Cheerful Cherry Chums” comprise one of the characters MadeWithBalloons™ in my “Rainbow Collection” begun in the mid 1980s. They all have small greeting cards with short stories about them. The cards also include “Care And Feeding Instructions”.  I plan to share them …

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Apr 03


"Thank You!" balloon graphics illustration by Graham Rouse

THANKS FOR “YOUR CREATIONS MadeWithBalloons™”  (See Also: “POSTSCRIPT: HERE IS HOW” at the end of this article) ———— ROUSEings™ ———— by Graham Rouse “YOUR CREATIONS MadeWithBalloons™” have touched, enriched and stimulated the lives of many others. YOU WARM WINTER’S CHILL We have all felt winter’s chill. December holidays have passed. The New Year has come …

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Mar 07


photo of cover of The Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Book

. This title is my response to the flowering balloon hat by Addi Somekh. The flower seems, not just to sit upon a head but appears to grow out of the thoughts one might have if he or she wore such a crown. .. I imagine someone who is tired from a long, cold winter, …

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