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Feb 09

WAVES OF RAPTURE MadeWithBalloons™

Balloon Flower by Graham Rouse #MadeWithBalloons™ #350, 260

. WAVES OF RAPTURE #MadeWithBalloons™ ..   RAPTURE Rapture suggests a feeling of ecstatic joy or delight. When we see someone apparently delighted and totally wrapped up in concentrated focus, we say that he or she is giving their “rapt attention”.  Hopefully, you are among the many who have enjoyed such feelings and focus when engaged with balloons. AMAZED Maybe, as a child, …

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Dec 04

“A”, “B” or “C” ??? Which Is Best For Your $40.00?

  “A”, “B” or “C” ???Which Is Best For Your $40? There is no doubt that balloon grid system “C” gives you a larger display for your hardware dollars. But, what is that system? And is it always the best choice? You have a chance to find out for yourself, hands-on at #RouseED™ #BalloonGrids™ seminars. …

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Mar 24


One picture frame from a video by the Weather Chanel of three bears playing with a pink balloon

  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW for 30 seconds of fun with three big bears and one, little pink balloon. . They may be big bears, but they act like curious little children at play. . ____________________________________________________ THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR, Ballooniverse Mall™ Your “Balloon Frame Super Center™” with balloon frames in more sizes, shapes and …

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Feb 23

MAIDENS and MONSTERS MadeWithBalloons™

   . WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW The fashion runway is filled with maidens and monsters dressed in costumes #MadeWithBalloons™ in this video from Mark Byrne. The video is longer than most that you see posted on Facebook, but it is a delightful performance of well known characters dancing and parading to music from their pasts. …

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Jan 29


Happy 33rd Balloon Birthday Graham

  I AM CELEBRATING EARLY THIS YEAR I count the first two weeks in February 1983 as my BALLOON BIRTHDAY. That is when I picked up a bag of twistie balloons at a drug store along with instructions on how to make a balloon poodle. I practiced and added a balloon dog to a special …

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Oct 20

ON A GOOD DAY MadeWithBalloons™

Photo of woman standing on a chair and soaring into the clouds with helium balloons toward birds flying above

This image calls to mind the feeling I get on a good day working with balloons and with customers delighted by what we create with those balloons.  The spirits of my customers SOAR and so do mine! On these good days, I recall with pleasure many of the reasons I chose to join with so many of …

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Jul 17


  “Ukip discovers its green conscience and cancels balloon launch on eco grounds.”   That is the headline from an article on “Green Politics” in the US edition of “The Guardian” from May of 2014. The “Great Launch” plans for Europe that were advertised in the poster above were canceled. Learn more about it in …

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Sep 29

“99 RED BALLOONS” MUSIC MadeWithBalloons™

99 Red Balloons music MadeWithBalloons™

. “99 RED BALLOONS” MUSIC MadeWithBalloons™ . We often make decorations with balloons. We seldom make music with balloons. Here is an exceptional example of making music with balloons by Andrew Huang. . ____________________________________________________ THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR, Ballooniverse Mall™, Your “Balloon Frame Super Center™” with balloon frames in more sizes, shapes and grid patterns than anyone …

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May 11

THANK YOU MOM! MadeWithBalloons™

"Thank You Mom For Giving Me Your Heart" text with young Nielly Bevis holding 18" RMS™ Puffed Heart

. —  ROUSEings — By Graham Rouse Thank You, Mom! Thank for carrying me, for bearing me, for loving me. Your love inspires me, nurtures me, sustains me, protects me. And, I love you too!   ________________________________________________ . You May Also Like: “CHEERFUL CHERRY CHUM” MadeWithBalloons™ FATHER’S DAY PLAY MadeWithBalloons™ VIDEO VALENTINE GREETING MadeWithBalloons™ ________________________________________________ . …

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May 10


  —  ROUSEings — By Graham Rouse A DAY TO REMEMBER It was a day that I like to remember. Mary and I were out with children and grandchildren picking blueberries in the  sun. There was teasing and chasing and laughter. There were spills and tumbles and a few tears. There were hugs and smiles …

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