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I spent a good portion of my balloon life in earlier years entertaining with balloons that I twisted and stories that I told. It was a great experience for me and for the audience.

However, I never did such elaborate lighting and choreography as we see here.

For one event I did “do my thing” on roller skates in the round, in the school auditorium. There was a story line for the event and there were props, but not the special lighting. And, There was no music.

I expect that the music above was added for the video rather than being part of the original event, but it does add significantly to the experience and might well be incorporated into a live performance.

In any case, I share “The Dance Of The Balloon Fairy” by krystelartiste with you in hopes that it might stir your imagination about what you might like to see and what you might like to do, yourself, on the occasion of a live balloon performance.



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