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MAIDENS and MONSTERS MadeWithBalloons™

 image selection from Mark Byrne video "Maidens And Monsters"

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The fashion runway is filled with maidens and monsters dressed in costumes #MadeWithBalloons™ in this video from Mark Byrne.

The video is longer than most that you see posted on Facebook, but it is a delightful performance of well known characters dancing and parading to music from their pasts. It is so entertaining, than I am sure those in attendance hated to see it end.

If you are a balloon professional, you may have a hard time waiting until the end to start thinking and planning how you can use design and production ideas you see and hear in this video.

Congratulations to Mark Byrne and the team that produced this event and video!. Well done.

[NOTE: The video file is large and may be slow loading.]


Maidens & Monsters Wearable Art Show… Balloon Fashion Maidens & Monsters. #Crocodilerock #beauty&beast #DaveyJones #SpacePinUp #Alien #Frankenstein #Devil #Angel #KingKong

Posted by Mark Byrne on Friday, January 16, 2015



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