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Digital painting of balloon hat flower design.

“My Thoughts Blossom In The Spring”. Balloon hat design is by Addi Somekh. Digital rendering is by Graham Rouse.


"ROUSEings" logo-iconThis title is my response to the flowering balloon hat by Addi Somekh. The flower seems, not just to sit upon a head but appears to grow out of the thoughts one might have if he or she wore such a crown.
I imagine someone who is tired from a long, cold winter, or maybe just a long, bumpy day. Then with a little latex, air and imagination a flower “MadeWithBalloons™” is planted upon his head.  But, more importantly,  a seed is planted in the thoughts of the one who wears the crown.
“Maybe Spring is coming.”
“Maybe tomorrow will be a smoother day.”
“Maybe it is OK to let my lips turn up and smile.”
“Maybe it is safe to enjoy this moment even though there will be more cold days before the Spring thaw; and even though there will be more cloudy days before the Summer sun.”
MY my, what wonderful thoughts can grow
  • inside the minds that are
  • inside the heads that are
  • inside the crowning hats


Addi Somekh is a world class balloon artist.  Among his many other achievements, he has traveled to many exotic places around the world making balloon hats and crowing his subjects with seeds of positive thoughts to grow in their own lives..
photo of cover of The Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Book

The Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Book by Addi Somekh (balloon artist) & Charlie Eckert (photographer).


Read about his travels, his hats, his experiences, his advice and his instructions for making your own amazing balloon hats in his book “The Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Book”. Just enter that full title in your favorite online search engine. You will fill up the first page and more with sources to get your own copy.
I treasure my copy.  I am sure you will treasure yours.



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About the author

Graham Rouse

Graham is the owner of Rouse Technologies LLC, Clemson, SC USA.

He has 30+ years professional experience in the balloon industry.
He produces, publishes, exhibits and teaches balloon arts worldwide.
He has 5 patents on technologies for balloon professionals.
He is the creator of seminal innovations for the balloon industry:

(1) structuring balloon sculptures from inside
(2) building balloon displays with aperture frameworks
(3) manufacturing film balloons in connected series.

Graham's companies manufacture, distribute, teach and support Rouse Matrix Systems™ brand, Expand-And-Load™ balloon grid frames

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  1. patriciaballoona

    Addi Somekh will always be my greatest all time balloon hero. How he has used balloons to impact people is to me still the greatest and most inspiring use of balloon art I have ever seen.

  1. “ORANGE BLOSSOM JEWELRY” MadeWithBalloons » ROUSEings


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