May 27


Advanced Stage decoration with Quick Link Qualatex by Didier Canniballoon at ABC



This project with Quick Link Balloons™ is the most recent in an on going series of larger scale exhibits with double-ended balloons by Didier Dvorak with Silke Pan and others of the Canniballoon Team from Switzerland.

They consistently produce precision work, fascinating forms, and marvelous architectural environments for viewers to explore.

This exhibit does not have the heavily themed surroundings of their deep sea exhibit. It is, however, filled with a series of larger scale pieces that demonstrate the capabilities of Quick Links and of the Canniballoon Team for different construction techniques and forms.

Congratulations Canniballoon Team! I look forward to seeing much more of your work. 


Photo of room of balloon decorations MadeWithBalloons™ (Quick Link Balloons™ by Canibal Balloons


photo of rainbow and room built with Quick Link Balloons™


Photo of tree, cake and mug made with Quick Link Balloons™made

photo of giant heart outline made with Quick Link Balloons™


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