Dec 06

A “SIMPLE” Start With Great Promise For 2017 Balloon Art

"SIMPLE" illustration / logo / icon for RE-A-L™ Balloon Art


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Offers you a great start on 2017.

It is a simpler, easier, faster and more secure way of loading balloons into balloon grids of any type or brand.

In the past it’s use has been restricted to #RouseMATRIX™ #BalloonGrids™ products.

January 4 & 5, 2017 will see the launch of training and licensing of this proprietary #RouseAPPS™ technique for use with all balloon grids worldwide.

“SIMPLE” is just one of four powerful, patented RouseAPPS techniques included in this launch.

Get in on the launch and get your new year 2017 off to a great, “SIMPLE” start at this link: #RouseED 2017 BalloonGrids / RouseAPPS Seminar with a Valentines Day Theme.



THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR, Ballooniverse Mall™,

Your “Balloon Frame Rouse Matrix™, R-E-A-L™ balloon frame shapes, icon animationSuper Center™” with balloon frames in more sizes, shapes and grid patterns than anyone else in the Ballooniverse.(http://bvsmall.com)



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About the author

Graham Rouse

Graham is the owner of Rouse Technologies LLC, Clemson, SC USA.

He has 30+ years professional experience in the balloon industry.
He produces, publishes, exhibits and teaches balloon arts worldwide.
He has 5 patents on technologies for balloon professionals.
He is the creator of seminal innovations for the balloon industry:

(1) structuring balloon sculptures from inside
(2) building balloon displays with aperture frameworks
(3) manufacturing film balloons in connected series.

Graham's companies manufacture, distribute, teach and support Rouse Matrix Systems™ brand, Expand-And-Load™ balloon grid frames

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"MadeWithBalloons"       "JustRouseIt"      "Rouse Matrix

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