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Ufimochki Oranzhevoe Nastroenie.


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JUST SO CUTE  —  And, I love the well coordinated and well executed assortment of techniques used by Ufimochki Oranzhevoe Nastroenie to build this adorable young lady.

The cone dress appears simple, but it is constructed with such precision that you know it required skill and not luck to get these very neat results. I like the dashed line of pink near the bottom and the yellow bow on top.

The head is nicely sculptured from inside.  And, the little ball of a nose is cute and is cleanly attached

The hair is in scale with the rest of the figure. It is also cleanly attached. But, the hair is especially impressive in the way the yellow balloons sculpt around the head and flow as you might expect hair to be combed on such a doll..

I love the volume of the bow on top with the internal structuring of long balloons inside larger balloons.

The neck is small in this figure and the connection to the head and down into the body are handled with smooth precision.  It appears from the photos that, possibly, a long balloon was stuffed into the neck of the larger balloon that provides the skin for the head. Nicely Done!

The arms and hands are well proportioned and fit well to the rest of the doll.

The eyes, mouth and shoe laces have details that look like they were painted on. The eyes, especially, however, are so sharp and clean and evenly balanced that they appear to be stick-ons rather than drawn on. In either case they help to make the figure more lively and like a balloon version of a doll that might be a collector’s piece and quite expensive to own.

CongratulationsUfimochki Oranzhevoe Nastroenie!  Very well done!


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