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Jun 24

ABSTRACT TOTEM MadeWithBalloons™

    ABSTRACT TOTEM MadeWithBalloons™  . I am not sure what tribe or clan this design might represent. It just “grabs” me as some sort of abstract representation of a people from the past. Yet, it leaves me wondering if, perhaps, they were more advanced than we.  The original balloon sculpture was a column by Jose Antonio Peztaña for …

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Dec 26


Winter Greetings from the Rouses featring Rouse (RIBS) abstract Christmas tree

CELEBRATIONS & NEW BEGINNINGS MadeWithBalloons™ —  ROUSEings — By Graham Rouse   Mary Queen and I extend our warmest greetings to you and yours in this season of celebrations and new beginnings. We celebrate new births, new hopes, new resolutions, new opportunities and new commitments to make the world a better place for us all. …

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Aug 20

“RIBS” FOR SCULPTURE MadeWithBalloons™ — How It Began


 “RIBS” FOR SCULPTURE MadeWithBalloons™ How It Began ——————– ROUSEings™ ——————– by Graham Rouse . The Very Beginning “RIBS” for balloon sculpture began with “Fantasy Flowers”.  Balloon Fantasy Flowers are among the most popular variations of this inside-out approach. This approach can be traced back to at least the spring of 1983 in Raleigh, North Carolina in …

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Apr 05

“RIBS OF GOLD” MadeWithBalloons™

  “RIBS OF GOLD”  MadeWithBalloons™ (1) “MUSINGS”  &  (2) “HERE IS HOW”  ———— ROUSEings™ ———— by Graham Rouse   (1) “MUSINGS” When I pause to consider this sculpture, these eight “Ribs Of Gold”, they suggest to me, a swirling motion without moving.  They give form to empty air.  They give rhythm to hollow space. They seem almost …

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Apr 01

“BLUE ICE” MadeWithBalloons™

An abstract sculpture made with a single balloon

“BLUE ICE”  MadeWithBalloons™ [ (1)”MUSINGS”  &  (2)”HERE IS HOW” ] ———— ROUSEings™ ———— by Graham Rouse Is it, instead, a living thing? (1)  “MUSINGS” I WONDER When I look at this sculpture I wonder if it was actually MadeWithBalloons™.  Maybe it is really ice  that has been melted into shape by the sun as the earth spins round  that star.  …

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