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Aug 20

“RIBS” FOR SCULPTURE MadeWithBalloons™ — How It Began


 “RIBS” FOR SCULPTURE MadeWithBalloons™ How It Began ——————– ROUSEings™ ——————– by Graham Rouse . The Very Beginning “RIBS” for balloon sculpture began with “Fantasy Flowers”.  Balloon Fantasy Flowers are among the most popular variations of this inside-out approach. This approach can be traced back to at least the spring of 1983 in Raleigh, North Carolina in …

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Apr 05

“RIBS OF GOLD” MadeWithBalloons™

  “RIBS OF GOLD”  MadeWithBalloons™ (1) “MUSINGS”  &  (2) “HERE IS HOW”  ———— ROUSEings™ ———— by Graham Rouse   (1) “MUSINGS” When I pause to consider this sculpture, these eight “Ribs Of Gold”, they suggest to me, a swirling motion without moving.  They give form to empty air.  They give rhythm to hollow space. They seem almost …

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Apr 03


This is the lower left Section of the kaleidoscopic jewelry.

  “KALEIDOSCOPIC JEWELRY” MadeWithBalloons™ ——  “ROUSEings™”  —— By Graham Rouse This is a fascinating kaleidoscopic view of painted bodies and painted balloons. Bella Volen is a master artist/painter.  Guido Verhoef is a master balloon artist. They have worked together to produce some extraordinary “Paintloons”. Their work often involves whole sets or scenes designed by Bella who also …

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