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Oct 22

VOTE FOR ME MadeWithBalloons


  VOTE FOR ME ! No matter which political party or candidate collects the most votes in this year’s elections YOU can come out the winner with political mascots and graphics like these #MadeWithBalloons™, #Rouse MATRIX™ custom shaped #BalloonGrids and patented #RouseAPPS™ techniques. . Get the Rouse Matrix™ Banners to make the “Vote For Me” sign at http://www.bvsmall.com/rmsbanners. . …

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May 09


  Join me in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA June 14-15, 2016 for 14 hours of intense , hands-on training. (1) Learn four unique and powerful skills direct from the inventor, hands-on. (2) Learn how to use these skills with the world’s most versatile and economical, professional balloon framing system. (3) Learn at an exceptionally low price. …

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Oct 20

ON A GOOD DAY MadeWithBalloons™

Photo of woman standing on a chair and soaring into the clouds with helium balloons toward birds flying above

This image calls to mind the feeling I get on a good day working with balloons and with customers delighted by what we create with those balloons.  The spirits of my customers SOAR and so do mine! On these good days, I recall with pleasure many of the reasons I chose to join with so many of …

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Sep 06


precision butterfly MadeWithBalloons™

(65) Funky Balloons. NOW WE KNOW The Precision Butterfly above was created by Michael Gjerek for BalloonsIT (powered by BELBAL) Michael wrote me directly identifying the origins and sharing a link to the original and to additional information on its design and construction. https://www.facebook.com/188240884525428/photos/a.188247004524816.55589.188240884525428/929906933692149/?type=1&theater Go there to learn just how much time an care went …

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Jun 26


Picture from the Dance Of The Balloon Fairy video

  DANCE OF THE BALLOON FAIRY  . I spent a good portion of my balloon life in earlier years entertaining with balloons that I twisted and stories that I told. It was a great experience for me and for the audience. However, I never did such elaborate lighting and choreography as we see here. For …

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Dec 26


Winter Greetings from the Rouses featring Rouse (RIBS) abstract Christmas tree

CELEBRATIONS & NEW BEGINNINGS MadeWithBalloons™ —  ROUSEings — By Graham Rouse   Mary Queen and I extend our warmest greetings to you and yours in this season of celebrations and new beginnings. We celebrate new births, new hopes, new resolutions, new opportunities and new commitments to make the world a better place for us all. …

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Jun 02

PICTURE OF A KISS & A HAT MadeWithBalloons™

Kiss And A Hat MadeWithBalloons™

PICTURE A KISS & A HAT MadeWithBalloons™ ——  “ROUSEings”  —— By Graham Rouse . The picture above is digital painting of one of my Facebook friends, Manon Dudziak. She is a fine balloon artist and marvelous entertainer from Paris, France. Check out her web site at http://www.mademoizelle-m.com or visit her on Facebook at https:.facebook.com/manon.dudziak My painting is derived from Manon Dudziak’s …

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Mar 31


  “BUTTERFLIES”  MadeWithBalloons™ Renewal  &  Transformation ———— ROUSEings™ ———— by Graham Rouse . I like the beauty of butterflies, but what I like best is their reminder of the possibilities for positive transformation and renewal in life. . .I like butterflies, both the living ones and the ones “MadeWithBalloons”. I like their beauty, but I think what …

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