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Dec 06

A “SIMPLE” Start With Great Promise For 2017 Balloon Art

    “SIMPLE” TECHNIQUE Offers you a great start on 2017. It is a simpler, easier, faster and more secure way of loading balloons into balloon grids of any type or brand. In the past it’s use has been restricted to #RouseMATRIX™ #BalloonGrids™ products. January 4 & 5, 2017 will see the launch of training and …

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Nov 09

I Love This Glow For Guest Dinner Tables

  I LOVE THE GLOW from this back lighted umbrella #MadeWithBalloons™, #RouseMatrix™ five foot umbrella shaped #BalloonGrids™ and patented #RouseAPPS™ techniques by students at one of our #JustRouseIt™ classes in France some years back. . IT ALWAYS SEEMS thrilling to me when I see this kind of natural glow through translucent balloons. . IT IS EASY to …

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Oct 22

VOTE FOR ME MadeWithBalloons


  VOTE FOR ME ! No matter which political party or candidate collects the most votes in this year’s elections YOU can come out the winner with political mascots and graphics like these #MadeWithBalloons™, #Rouse MATRIX™ custom shaped #BalloonGrids and patented #RouseAPPS™ techniques. . Get the Rouse Matrix™ Banners to make the “Vote For Me” sign at http://www.bvsmall.com/rmsbanners. . …

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Sep 05

JOAN RIVERS MadeWithBalloons™

Design for portrait of Joan Rivers MadeWithBalloons™ & Rouse Matrix™ (Rosue-Expand-And-Load™) balloon frames

    Portrait Of JOAN RIVERS MadeWithBalloons™ . This design for a balloon portrait of Joan Rivers is my tribute to an amazing woman. .  She was often controversial, but always entertaining. . I have enjoyed many of her performances over the years and will miss her as will so many, many others.  ____________________________________________________  YOU MAY …

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Jul 03


Super Fast Flag MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™ Banners

. RESTAURANT PROMOTION MadeWithBalloons™ . . This is a simple idea that you may find helpful. We did a decorating job at the local cafe for a group of friends. We took photographs. We overlaid promotional information for both the restaurant and ourselves on photo prints. The restaurant displayed and distributed the small pictures like …

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May 27


Balloon castle at the top of the beanstalk

Advanced Stage decoration with Quick Link Qualatex by Didier Canniballoon at ABC QUICK LINKS™ & CANNIBALLOON   This project with Quick Link Balloons™ is the most recent in an on going series of larger scale exhibits with double-ended balloons by Didier Dvorak with Silke Pan and others of the Canniballoon Team from Switzerland. They consistently …

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May 10


  —  ROUSEings — By Graham Rouse A DAY TO REMEMBER It was a day that I like to remember. Mary and I were out with children and grandchildren picking blueberries in the  sun. There was teasing and chasing and laughter. There were spills and tumbles and a few tears. There were hugs and smiles …

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Feb 15


VIDEO BELOW   Post by Rouse Matrix.   We hope for each of you that this year’s Valentine’s Day was a very happy, loving and successful one. We wish you even better ones in the years to come. Even more, we wish you happy, loving and successful days each day. ——————————————- The heart above in …

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Sep 26

“EASY” MadeWithBalloons Is Now “EASIER”

Illustrated steps to make and load Rouse Double Bubbles™ in Rouse Matrix™ for an easier way to make balloon graphics, sculpture and decorations

  “EASY” MadeWithBalloons™ Is Now “EASIER” —  ROUSEings — By Graham Rouse . “EASY” MADE “EASIER” With a little instruction and practice, it is easy for most people to build graphics, sculpture and decorations with balloons and Rouse Matrix  balloon frames. If RMS™ users have problems it is usually with getting the balloon centered in the …

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Sep 24


Illustration of assembly and loading pattern of balloons for the RMS Witch flying over the moon balloon graphic

WITCH OVER THE MOON MadeWithBalloons™ —  ROUSEings — By Graham Rouse CHOOSE YOUR SCALE This Halloween design can be built in many different sizes. The 8′ by 8′ size is likely to be the most popular.  We use this version for our RouseCIPIES™ below. It will fit most rooms, will show off well from a …

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