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Dec 07



  . ANGIE, THE WELCOME ANGEL . Angie gets a new set of relatives in January 2017.  “She” has been a favorite for decades #MadeWithBalloons™, with #RouseMATRIX™ heart shaped #BalloonGrids™ and with #RouseAPPS™ techniques licensed exclusively for use with RMS™. On January 4, 2017 we start officially teaching and licensing RouseAPPS techniques for use with …

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Dec 03

GET YOUR ROUSE ON! BalloonGrids / RouseAPPS Launch, Valentine Seminar

. . THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST. This Seminar is past, but THERE ARE 11 MORE IN 2017 “DECORATING WITH BALLOONS & GRIDS made SIMPLE – EASY – STRONG – FAST” You learn 3 balloon grid systems hands-on: (1) Pioneer stiff GRIDZ, (2) Rouse flexible RMS (3) DIY grids you make. You go home more productive & profitable with all balloon grids …

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Sep 05

JOAN RIVERS MadeWithBalloons™

Design for portrait of Joan Rivers MadeWithBalloons™ & Rouse Matrix™ (Rosue-Expand-And-Load™) balloon frames

    Portrait Of JOAN RIVERS MadeWithBalloons™ . This design for a balloon portrait of Joan Rivers is my tribute to an amazing woman. .  She was often controversial, but always entertaining. . I have enjoyed many of her performances over the years and will miss her as will so many, many others.  ____________________________________________________  YOU MAY …

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Jul 03


Super Fast Flag MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™ Banners

. RESTAURANT PROMOTION MadeWithBalloons™ . . This is a simple idea that you may find helpful. We did a decorating job at the local cafe for a group of friends. We took photographs. We overlaid promotional information for both the restaurant and ourselves on photo prints. The restaurant displayed and distributed the small pictures like …

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Feb 15


VIDEO BELOW   Post by Rouse Matrix.   We hope for each of you that this year’s Valentine’s Day was a very happy, loving and successful one. We wish you even better ones in the years to come. Even more, we wish you happy, loving and successful days each day. ——————————————- The heart above in …

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Sep 26

“EASY” MadeWithBalloons Is Now “EASIER”

Illustrated steps to make and load Rouse Double Bubbles™ in Rouse Matrix™ for an easier way to make balloon graphics, sculpture and decorations

  “EASY” MadeWithBalloons™ Is Now “EASIER” —  ROUSEings — By Graham Rouse . “EASY” MADE “EASIER” With a little instruction and practice, it is easy for most people to build graphics, sculpture and decorations with balloons and Rouse Matrix  balloon frames. If RMS™ users have problems it is usually with getting the balloon centered in the …

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Sep 22


Rouse Double Bubble™ Technique illustrated with RMS™ Heart

SELECT PICTURE ABOVE TO START VIDEO. Shows patented technique for use exclusively with Rouse Matrix Expand & Load balloon frames. EXCEPTIONALLY EASY HEART MadeWithBalloons™ —  ROUSEings — By Graham Rouse . EXCEPTIONALLY EASY HEART  Use Rouse Double Bubbles™ to turn the production of an RMS™ Heart from a simple task into an exceptionally easy one. …

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