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THREE FLAGS For July 4th & Beyond (1) FAST, (2) BIG, (3) EASY & MadeWithBalloons™

Flag of USA made with Rouse Matrix Expand-And-Load balloon frames with illustration of frame being expanded and loaded with balloons


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Celebrate July 4, the Olympics and beyond with one of these three balloon flags: FAST – BIG – EASY. Which is the best match for your situation and goals? 



The flag above and animated below is a design that we often build about 12′ long with balloons inflated 8″ and loaded into one of the RMS™, USA balloon grid flag kits.  The second Rouse flag kit produces a 6′ version with balloons inflated 4″ instead of 8″. The giant, 40′ version of the American flag below is MadeWithBalloons™ by changing to 16″ latex balloons or 18″ round foil balloons and using Rouse Matrix Super Builder balloon grid frames..

Animation of Rouse Matrix, Expand-And-Load Balloon frame for a flag of the USA that rotates back and forth 90 degrees to show off the single layer of balloon construction.

Animation of Rouse Matrix, Expand-And-Load Balloon frame for a flag of the USA that rotates back and forth 90 degrees to show off the single layer of balloon construction

These “REAL” (Rouse-Expand-And-Load™) balloon grid frames have advantages of speed and economy over more traditional “precision wall” techniques that use balloon columns or garlands packed together. This single layer approach takes half as many balloons.  And, when you use “Speed Graphic” techniques the loading of balloons is two times, four times or even more times faster than construction with single balloons or sets of duplets.

Super Fast Flag MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™ BannersGet the details on how to use the patented “Speed Graphics” technique in the linked article,  R-E-A-L™ BALLOON ART IS FAST! 

It includes videos that make it easier for you to get started on your own USA balloon grid frame flags.

The honeycomb grid
pattern is a closer fit to round balloons than square grids.  This better matching grid shape means smaller cracks between balloons and less framework showing through.  Plus, the Expand-And-Load frame costs less and stores in a lot less space than heavier plastic or metal frames.

For some people, however, it is important to have straight edges on all four sides. Square grids do this naturally. The honeycomb grids can produce four straight edges by using these linked, Rouse “split aperture” technique instructions. It is an extra step in construction, but it produces edges that are squared off.
Others who build flags MadeWithBalloons find they are willing to give up economies of the flexible, Expand-And-Load balloon frames in favor of stiff materials.

Stiff frames keep the apertures open and in shape without the user having to learn “roll-the-balloon-in” techniques that make construction so much easier and faster, especially with flexible frames.


The 40 foot flag below was a custom design made with Rouse Matrix “Super Builder” Expand-And-Load balloon grid frames and Qualatex 18″ Microfoils.  In fact, the blue walls and the 10′ red cake on the right are also made with RMS™ and Qualatex Microfoils.  The cake, however uses the smaller 9″ size Microfoil balloons.

Make a 20 foot version. Use RMS Super Builders and 18″ foil balloons, but use single rows of balloons for each stripe in the flag as in the smaller flags instead of double rows of balloons for each stripe as in the 40′ flag.

We built the giant flag in sections that we stored in a 40′ trailer, hauled it to the site  and then assembled the sections on stage a few days before the show.

Forty foot USA Flag made with Rouse Matrix ,Super Builder, Expand-And-Load balloon frames and 18 inch Qualatex Microfoil balloons.

Forty foot USA Flag made with Rouse Matrix™ ,Super Builder, Expand-And-Load™ balloon grid frames and 18 inch Qualatex™ Microfoil balloons.

PinIt Button for the giant flag photo above.

One of the benefits of using grid frameworks for flags and other large scale backdrops and decorations is the accuracy with which you can predict how it will all look.  

We were quite pleased, for instance, when we overheard our customer talking to several of his staff at a dress rehearsal.  He said, “Wow!  It looks just like the presentation drawings.”  Consequently, his check to us looked just like what we proposed as well.

Film balloons are especially slick and require special care to look good and to hold well in balloon grid frames. These two linked videos show what you need to do to get the best results.


July 4, 2013
was the day that family and friends gathered at our oldest daughter’s house to celebrate Independence Day. It is an annual celebration that they host each year. The rain hampered some of our usual outdoor activities, but we had a great time outside (for a while) and inside as well.
The event featured an American flag MadeWithBalloons the Rouse EASY way. Even the young children participated. In fact, they did quite well using RMS™ and the new, patented, Double Bubble loading technique.  It is just so easy.


Take a closer look at the technique in the short video below. I am sure you will find it easy enough for you, your friends and your customers.
Then stay tuned after the first video for more demonstrations of techniques you will find helpful for your flags, sculptures, decorations and general graphics MadeWithBalloons.



Start with the videos and other information linked in this article. Get one of the balloon flag kits with REAL (Rouse-Expand-And-Load) Balloon Grid Frames and Peel-And-Stick Stars

Purchase balloons from your favorite balloon distributor; 

  • 5″ round balloons or 6″ double-ended balloons for the 6′ flag
  • 11″ round balloons or 12″ double-ended balloons for the 12′ flag
  • balloon numbers (minimum – add spares for back up)
    •  (63)   Blue Balloons
    •  (87)   White Balloons
    • (104)  Red Balloons

Later, you may want to move up to the really large flags



Do contact us if you have questions along the way. And, do send pictures of what you make.

  • Telephone: 1-877- GO-ROUSE (toll free USA) (1-877-467-6873)
  • Telephone: 1-864-654-4166 (worldwide)
  • EMail:  info@rouseinterntional.com



THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR, Ballooniverse Mall™

Your “Balloon Frame Rouse Matrix™, R-E-A-L™ balloon frame shapes, icon animationSuper Center™” with balloon frames in more sizes, shapes and grid patterns than anyone else in the Ballooniverse.



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Graham Rouse
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Graham is the owner of Rouse Technologies LLC, Clemson, SC USA.

He has 30+ years professional experience in the balloon industry.
He produces, publishes, exhibits and teaches balloon arts worldwide.
He has 5 patents on technologies for balloon professionals.
He is the creator of seminal innovations for the balloon industry:

(1) structuring balloon sculptures from inside
(2) building balloon displays with aperture frameworks
(3) manufacturing film balloons in connected series.

Graham's companies manufacture, distribute, teach and support Rouse Matrix Systems™ brand, Expand-And-Load™ balloon grid frames

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